North Nahanni Naturalist Lodge


Fishing at North Nahanni Naturalist Lodge

North Nahanni Naturalist Lodge

North Nahanni Naturalist Lodge offers guided or unguided catch and release fishing on Cli Lake and guided catch and release fishing on the Mackenzie and North Nahanni Rivers.

Cli Lake has an abundant supply of lake trout, pike and whitefish, all of which display the fine fighting form associated with fish taken from a cold-water habitat. Grayling and walleye and exotic species like bull trout and dolly varden can be caught in feeder rivers of the North Nahanni on a jet boat excursion.

The average fish caught at Cli Lake weighs approximately 10 pounds or five kilograms, However, fish topping the scales between 20 to 30 pounds (9 to 14 kilograms) are not uncommon. Rods and tackle are provided for guests, however, we encourage guests to bring their own, especially if they are avid anglers. Guests are welcome to use the lodge watercraft and encouraged to take advantage of our guide services, included in our all-inclusive packages.