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Aerial view of Virginia Falls

Hans Pfaff - NWTT

North Nahanni Naturnalist Lodge offers air tours of Nahanni National Park combined with a weekend at the Lodge. See spectacular Virginia Falls and parts of the South Nahanni River on your flight to Cli Lake, or choose a longer trip that includes both Glacier Lake and Virginia Falls.

Virginia Falls is 90 metres high (almost 300 feet) – and features a dramatic castle-like rock to one side, that presents superb photo opportunities. Our trip includes a view of the canyons on the South Nahanni River, plus landing on floats on the river, above Virginia Falls. You'll hear the thunder of this cascade before you see the dramatic drop. Visitors have several vantage points for photos on trails and boardwalks around the falls. Then we take off on the river for some fine mountain sightseeing on the way to North Nahanni Naturalist Lodge at Cli Lake.

The Glacier Lake tour includes Glacier Lake, further northwest, in the mountains. It's a beautiful lake at the foot of magnificent peaks in the Ragged Range. The view from the lake of the Cirque of the Unclimbables with its glaciers and ragged spires is truly awe-inspiring. Weather permitting, we land here for a break and some photos, in addition to visiting Virginia Falls.

Our guests arrive at Cli Lake in time for a hearty supper and a choice of accommodations. Depending on weather and aircraft load, these trips might be added at the end of a weekend, rather than at the start.